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Social Media Toolworks designs, builds and maintains websites on the world wide web. If you’re responsible for the public face of your company, we’ll help you set up your corporate website to promote your message in the best possible light for your organization.

Do you need to build a personal site to express your political views, share your poetry or blog about photography? Want to set up an ecommerce site to sell your own line of clothing or hand-made art deco lamps? We can do that too.

Choosing the Best Platform

Wordpress websites

We build almost exclusively on, and highly recommend, the WordPress platform. It's a solid choice for almost every application, including content management, informational and corporate, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, blogs, galleries, forums and shopping carts. WordPress is extremely flexible and infinitely modifiable to suit just about any need.

WordPress was designed, above all else, to be user friendly. Sites created with WordPress are intended to be used and managed by the site owner rather than a web developer. If you can create and edit in a typical word processing application, you can accomplish most routine tasks in the WordPress environment.

WordPress is also open source, which means that it's supported by tens of thousands of developers and programmers around the world who are constantly updating the platform and creating supporting plugins to extend its capabilities. In addition, you'll find thousands of online resources, including guides, user and support forums, and how-to videos to help you learn more and keep your website safe and up to date.

“We are thrilled with our new website!! David was a pleasure to work with and very quick to respond to questions and changes as we moved forward in both the creative and final process.”
Sue Brian , Headquarters Post

Don't Ignore Mobile Web Traffic

Mobile Marketing from Social Media Toolworks

It is imperative that you create a website that is optimized to serve mobile browsers. Over half of all web searches now originate from mobile devices and many older websites, regardless of how well-built and optimized, are now only marginally usable on a mobile device. Modern WordPress themes and plugins are designed to be “responsive.” This means your site will adjust to the screen size of your visitor to be presentable and provide an optimal user experience.

Social Media Tooloworks will help you arrive at the best design, platform, theme, and supporting plugins and scripts. If you need help finding reliable hosting, we will assist with that too. Let us know what you want and need, and we’ll create it for you and have you on the web with your own beautiful website in short order.

“David Perkins is a true professional and showed me what needed to be done to best reach the people I'm trying to help. He's smart, dependable, and a pleasure to work with. He comes up with the long-term plan and gives more than 100% to get the job done. Couldn't have done it without him! David not only helped my presence on the internet, but taught me what to do so I didn't need to pay him to do what was needed. I can recommend David without any reservations to everyone who wants their business to grow. You won't be sorry if you use Social Media Toolworks. You will only be sorry if you don't!”
Marcia Hinds , Author and Motivational Speaker