Mobile Marketing - the future is finally here

Marketers have been declaring this “the Year of Mobile” every year since 2011. In truth, 2015 was the year mobile searches definitively and forever surpassed desktop web queries. But that doesn't mean we're done. That's not the signal for everyone to kick back and rest on their newly constructed mobile-friendly websites. There's a lot more coming for mobile users and for businesses hoping to reach their fair share of those users through mobile marketing. Marketers will continue to use mobile to improve and personalize the user experience and to generate and enhance customer loyalty in 2016 and beyond.

Why is Mobile Marketing Important to Your Business?

Why is mobile marketing important?

There are currently well over 600 million mobile internet users in the world and they're using their smartphones to search for, locate, get driving directions, click to call, recommend to others, redeem coupons, text friends, review businesses and, finally, to determine which ones they're going to do business with. Mobile marketing will only become more critical to the success of your business as this audience grows and the mobile experience broadens in scope and capability. You will be expected to come along.

Targeted SMS Campaigns

While approximately half of mobile search traffic results from local search inquiries, SMS text message campaigns can offer open rates as high as 95% and are generally read within 5 minutes of receipt. There is no faster or more direct way to reach current and potential customers, clients or patients than a well-crafted mobile campaign.

Ringless Voicemail – Hottest Marketing Tool Since Email!

An exciting new technology we call Ringless Voicemail allows you to drop a personal, goal-specific voice message directly into the mobile voicemail boxes of your targeted recipients without ever ringing their phones. An alert lets them know they have a new voicemail, and you get to speak directly to your customer or prospect and deliver your sales message personally. And you can be certain – no one ignores a voicemail!

Make Life Easier by Your Web Presence and Reap the Rewards

Mobile Marketing from Social Media Toolworks

Ease of use and a seamless experience is what engenders loyalty in today's mobile audience. The reason for the incredible rise in mobile platforms and devoted mobile users is because it all makes life a little easier. Almost anything you want is now available at the tap of a button. Consumers are pledging their loyalty to businesses and brands that use technology to simplify their daily lives. Businesses that do this best will thrive and prosper over the coming decade.

Put your customers' interests first. Offer a convenient, satisfying experience that exceeds expectations and delivers what they're looking for. You'll have their trust and loyalty and they'll be back again and again. To learn more about what Mobile Marketing can do for your bottom line, Contact Us here or call us at (818) 721-8996.

Some of the Mobile Services Available from Social Media Toolworks

    Mobile Services from Social Media Toolworks

  • Mobile Websites
  • SMS (Text Message) Campaigns
  • Ringless VoiceMail Campaigns
  • Text to Win Contests
  • SMS Appointment Reminders
  • Mobile Coupons
  • QR Codes

“David at Social Media Toolworks is a super-savvy digital marketing professional with not only tons of real-world experience and knowledge, but a great personality that makes it delightful to work with him. We are colleagues in the same field, separated by half of the country (west coast vs midwest), but with a working relationship that includes advising and collaborating on special projects for clients, and constantly educating ourselves to keep current on the latest in digital marketing tactics. When I started in this business I learned more about SEO and web design from David than from many of the online courses and marketing “gurus” because he was patient and generous with his time, and had a special gift for explaining complicated concepts in simple terms. Hire him for a comprehensive digital marketing plan for your business with extreme confidence!”
Kristen Bedard , Social Karma Marketing