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Before founding Social Media Toolworks in 2008, David Perkins spent over two decades in the film and television industry as a telecine colorist for feature films, television, and commercials. He has worked at the most respected post-production houses in Los Angeles and is a long-time member of the Writers Guild of America, West and the performers union, SAG-AFTRA.

Social Media Toolworks is a marketing strategies firm based in Los Angeles, California. With a team of savvy marketing consultants, talented designers, skilled web technicians and dedicated social media experts, our focus is on helping your business create visibility, attract traffic, leads, customers, and raving fans using cutting edge online, mobile, video and social media marketing tools.

Member of LIMA

Member Local Internet Marketing Association

Social Media Toolworks is proud to be a member in good standing of the Local Internet Marketing Association. LIMA is dedicated to the promotion of the highest standards for professional ethics for its organization and for all members. These ethics represent the collective ideals of what business communities find morally acceptable and ethically proper.

You can put your trust in a local business marketing expert who has your best interest and ultimate success in mind as well as the skills, support and tools to back it up. All members must adhere to the LIMA Code of Ethics. There’s no reason to settle for a marketing consultant who may or may not know how to effectively promote your local business, when you can choose to hire a LIMA member who is fully focused on and equipped to deliver successful local business marketing.

An Ever-Expanding Toolbox

Social Media Toolworks has evolved, since 2008, from primarily building and managing websites and social media channels to a full-service digital marketing consultancy for businesses of all sizes. It's our mission to help business owners and medical practices raise their internet profile, establish and manage their online reputation, and grow their businesses with leading edge promotional strategies. That evolution is ongoing as new and exciting tools and technologies become available almost every day.

We have a simple formula to make you successful

• Raise your business profile so that you will be found
• Help you engage your prospects and leads where they are and on their terms
• Create efficient processes for you to engage and followup with your leads

Our Plan

  • Get you started as soon as possible – We will act immediately on your new marketing strategy to provide you with a competitive edge and to produce results.
  • Build your program incrementally – Don't do everything at once. Building incrementally will control costs and pay for your marketing campaigns with new leads and customers.
  • Integrate all aspects of your strategy – so that search, video, mobile, social, and all of your leadgen tactics work powerfully together.

Looking for a Hands-Off Solution?

No marketing strategy can be totally “hands-off” for the client, but we propose to do this with as close to zero extra workload on your team as possible. By allowing us to plan, execute and manage your online, mobile, and social media marketing program for you, your business will reap the benefits without placing extra stress and time constraints on you or your staff.

If you're ready to be on page one of Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube, and reap the rewards of new customers, clients or patients, then we're here to help. We'll see to it that when a potential customer searches for your product or service, they find YOU!

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Read About Social Media Toolworks in Voyage LA Magazine

Voyage LA Magazine talks to  Social Media Toolworks

“David is a website development guru, i.e., 11 on a scale of 1-10, who is also patient and kind (important qualities for those of us new to the world of web development and design). Social Media Toolworks is all about superior customer service. David's explanations were easy to understand, and he made sure my questions were answered to my satisfaction. In addition, whether it was a quick question or a website crisis/crash, my phone calls, texts, and emails were answered in a timely fashion. Not only was doing business with Social Media Toolworks a positive experience, it was also a lovely experience. Thank you, David!”
Donna Kaplan , Certified Dyslexia Tutor