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Social Networking

Social media channels offer your business dozens of platforms on which to build and maintain online relationships. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a myriad of other social channels have millions of dedicated users who spend thousands of hours online. Social networking is not just for bringing old friends and family together. It’s also the easiest way to find people who share a common interest or who may be looking for knowledge and information about a product or service. Used wisely, business owners can turn social networking sites into a “tribe” of loyal followers, prospects and customers.


Facebook is a vital piece of your social media strategy.

With Facebook now boasting over one billion active users worldwide, a Facebook page is a must-have social media presence for every business. If Facebook was a nation, it would be the third most populous in the world behind China and India. And if you think this is a destination only for young people, keep in mind that the fastest-growing demographic on Facebook and other social channels is women, ages 35-64.

If you engage us to manage your social media channels, we will design and create your custom Facebook business page in keeping with the branding established on your website and other online properties. We’ll post to your page on a regular basis and manage it with basic “friend-building” activities in an ongoing effort to increase your network of followers, fans and potential customers.


Twitter management by Social Media Toolworks

Your Twitter feed is another must-have social media presence. With over 300 million active members, it has significant impact on your social authority score. Twitter can help build your “tribe” and generate new leads and clients. Also, Twitter itself is a formidable search engine, hosting more searches per month than Yahoo! and Bing combined.

As an integral piece of your social media management package, we will create a new Twitter account in your business name, or work with your current account. We will design and create your custom Twitter presence in keeping with the branding of your other online properties and we’ll tweet to your followers on a regular basis, according to your marketing plan. We'll also encourage re-tweeting of your posts to attract more followers to your Twitter account.


LinkedIn - the business networking site.

Social Media Toolworks will manage your LinkedIn account in much the same way we work with your other social channels, posting regularly to attract new connections from the LinkedIn community. These connections can be a valuable resource for your business if properly nurtured and maintained. The LinkedIn community is focused on business and business professionals more so than other social networks and, because of this, can become an effective source of leads and new customers, clients or patients.

Pinterest • Google+ and Other Social Media Channels

Pinterest and Google+

There are too many social networking channels out there for us to go into detail on each one. If engaged to conduct your social media marketing efforts, Social Media Toolworks will offer our advice on which networks would best serve your goals, based on your business model and your marketplace. We'll then set up and manage the channels you choose so that your business is represented online in the best possible light.

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